What makes us different?

An important information for those who want to become a professional buyer and place bids on the Yahoo auction on their own. But if you only want to make one or two purchases, you’d better proceed to the Search Assistant section, and we’ll do all the work for you.

Our company charges no agency fee on any purchases, because we have created unique, unmatched system which enabled us to minimize all routine operations such as contacting sales companies, processing and receiving bids. Moreover we don't impose on you services that you don't need and don't charge you for them. I.e. we don't provide translation and consulting services as our work is fully automated and operator does not need to be present. Our automated system surpasses any other systems of any other agents in all aspects that are essential for reducing an item processing fee to zero. You are placing bids by yourself at your own risk! We just intermediate between you and a seller. We'll ship all your purchases to your address if it is possible. That's all! Register and start making bids today!

It means that we don't provide you any services other than shipment of goods and some additional services described below. If you only need to ship your purchases without paying intermediary fees, we are the right partner for you.

But you don't work for free, right? #

We truly don't charge any agency fee to our clients, but we do get quantity discounts from express delivery companies in part due to the large amount of parcels we ship every day. Therefore we get enough benefits to make our business sustainable only if our customers buy and ship as much as possible via our company.

What items make up cost of purchase? #

We don't charge any agency fee, so cost of a purchase at your doorstep is made up of the following:

  1. Amount of a winning bid in the auction
  2. Costs of transportation to our office
  3. Sales tax if it is charged by seller
  4. Bank transfer fees for payments within Japan
  5. All other factual expenses associated with the purchase
  6. Repackaging and consolidation fees, when necessary
  7. shipping fees and insurance fees
  8. Funding comission if any from the sum of all above

If you wish to ship several different items in any quantity in one box, you will need to pay for consolidation services, as we don't charge you any agency fee, we simply can not afford providing you with a bigger box and packaging materials for free.

Exact final price will be known only after you command us to assemble purchased items (also know as orders) into a parcel, and our warehouse will process your request, then calculating the shipping fee. We can not tell you the exact final price including delivery before that because we simply cannot know the rates.

How to make a purchase? #

  1. Register on the site and get your password which will be sent to your email.
  2. Top up your wallet balance via a credit card, PayPal, by making a wire bank transfer, or by other means.
  3. Place bids and score an auction.
  4. Assemble a parcel from items you have won, and indicate your postal address, desired shipping company.
  5. Pay for the parcel using your wallet balance.
  6. The parcel is delivered to your doorstep by a postman or a courier.

What do you do free of agency fees? #

We don't charge agency fee for transferring your bid to an auction, giving our warehouse address to seller in case you win, paying for your lot and its delivery to our warehouse, taking photo of your purchase in seller's package upon delivery to our warehouse, filling out a post office receipt and handing over your parcel to a delivery man. Any other service can be provided only upon paying it costs, or may not be provided at all.

Price list for the optional services we do for a fee.

How much does the repackaging of goods cost? #

Standard repackaging and consolidation cost is 1500 JPY for one carton which may contain goods in any quantity. Please note that repackaging may cause a significant increase of parcel weight by approximately 1 kg to 2 kg due to additional cardboard and packaging materials weight. This repackaging price is valid for repackaging in a standard double layer cardboard box that does not exceed the dimensions of 62 cm x 43 cm x 54 cm, or for repackaging of long-measuring items dimensions of which are no larger than 150 cm x 5 cm x 15 cm.

When we do the repackaging, safety of your purchases is our first priority, which implies impossibility of fitting of parcel total weight into postage rate limits. But we assure that your purchase will be packed into the lightest possible and at the same time the safest package because we use only the most modern high-technology light materials, and don't use newspapers, processes cardboard and similar heavy materials as principal materials for packaging.

Repackaging price for boxes, dimensions of which are larger than specified above, is determined separately for each case. Special packaging and ultra-safe packaging for extra fragile and heavy items is paid separately according to the agreed price. Manufacturing of a non-standard packaging may take up to 10 working days.

Package in which an item came to our warehouse is free of charge.

What does the repackaging price include?

Minimum list of items included in the repackaging and consolidation price, is as follows:

  1. Suitable size box chosen from boxes available at our warehouse.
  2. Packing materials for individual packaging of each purchase.
  3. Payment for 1 hour work of our experienced warehouse staff.

Besides, on terms of repackaging you may ask to take one photo of some order, to remove some parts of your order which do not require special disposal procedures. We can provide these two additional services for a small charge.

There's no recycling fee up to 1 kg of disposed parts or products. Excess charge of 1500 yen is applied for each partial kilogram over the limit.

For how many orders is the repackaging service price valid?

You will pay one fixed price regardless of number of orders you wish to consolidate and ship in one box in case such repackaging does not require time longer than included into packaging service price and in case all orders fit in a box, available at our warehouse. For example:

  1. Repackaging of 3 lenses into one box will cost 1500 JPY.
  2. Repackaging of 20 LP into one box will cost 1500 JPY.
  3. Repackaging of 5 spinning reels into one box will cost 1500 JPY.

Another example: if you request to pack more than 50 LPs in one box, whole procedure may take well above one hour. Hence, in such case we may charge you a double fee.

How can I know if the item I purchased needs to be repackaged?

All items delivered to our warehouse are always photographed in seller's package, so that you could assess the quality of package made by seller and to order repackaging in case you decide that it is necessary. Photo will be uploaded to your personal cabinet, on the order page within the specified deadline. You can order repackaging of a parcel assembled of one item by specifying this request when assembling the parcel.

Repackaging is required for all items, containing detachable lithium batteries. Repackaging may be required for fragile and heavy items due to postal requirements for packaging. (Postal officer may refuse to accept badly packaged parcel.)

Repackaging is always required in case of consolidation, i.e. packing of several orders in one parcel.

For which products reinforced packaging is required? #

Reinforced packaging is provided for additional fee, and is required for all fragile items, including but not limited to musical instruments, china or glass products, audio amplifiers, radio receivers. Exceptionally fragile items may require especially durable packaging, which might have substantional weight and cost.

I did not order repackaging, but why does the parcel weight exceed the purchased weight?

According to Japan Post rules, parcel weight is calculated based on weight including documentation (e.g. invoice) which has to be included together with post office receipt.

In case the size of your purchased item is very small and a postal receipt cannot be glued onto it, we have to put it in a bag, according to Japan Post rules. These bags are provided free of charge, and yet they add some weight.

Total weight of a parcel, which is composed of weight of goods, weight of accompanying documentation, and weight of any additional free packaging or packaging for a fee, and basing on which shipping price is calculated, is shown on the parcel page.

What is reservation and how is it calculated?

Reservation is being held at the time of bidding and released completely in case your bid is lost, or when all costs related to your lot are determined and the final sum is withdrawn from your account.

Before the first shipment is made, in an event of bid a bidding price plus 2000 JPY reserved on your account. After shipment of the first parcel reservation is equal to the bidding price for all items with the current price above 100 yen. In other words, after shipment of the first parcel you can place a bid at an amount equal to your account balance.

Why do you use credit cards, PayPal and SWIFT transfers as basic forms of payment?

Credit cards are the easiest and most convenient online payment method.

PayPal is a world-wide payment system that makes it easy for people all over the Globe to make payments with peace of mind.

Wire transfer is a classic method of transferring money used in international trade and commerce. An amount of transfer performed in JPY which enters your account is an exact amount that has been transferred, not a single yen minus. Transfers performed in dollars and other currencies enter your account according to our bank's TTB rate minus 1500 JPY currency exchange fee. We recommend that you make transfers in Japanese yen.

What shipping methods do you use?

We use all world-wide logistics brands.

What shipping services do you recommend for the delivery of my parcel?

First of all we recommend FedEX as a fast and professional shipping service. Your parcel will be delivered to you in 2-3 days. But its cost is slightly higher than that of other competing companies, so we recommend Japan Post as a number two option. Delivery takes a little longer, but it is also a professional shipping services provider. Anyway, you choose your preferred shipping method. FedEx rates depend on weight, dimensions, destination city and other parameters. You can check these rates using FedEx rate finder. We can give you a small discount for shipments in standard boxes FedEx® Small Box, FedEx® Medium Box, and FedEx® Large Box.

What items cannot be purchased?

  1. Items with total dimensions after packing exceeding limits the allowed for shipping. For example, you can not send car bumpers, bonnets and other large-sized parts, furniture.
  2. Items which are sold on an ex works basis and goods that cannot be shipped to a legal entity address. If you bid on such a cancellation fee will be deducted from your account.
  3. Items prohibited for export. For example, antique items.
  4. Items prohibited for import to your country. For example, cold weapon.
  5. Items prohibited for air shipment. For example, separate lithium batteries, flammable goods, shock-absorbers, goods containing compressed liquid gas or oils.
  6. Goods must not be heavier than 20 kg (30 kg) - depends on country of destination.

If you don't know which items in your parcel are prohibited for export and shipping, our warehouse staff can check the contents of your parcel and remove all parts prohibited for export. This costs 2000 JPY per item. Cost of this service is calculated for the whole parcel. Original manufacturers' plastic packaging may be disposed.

All our clients are fully responsible for not adding to a parcel items prohibited for shipment. If you have not specified which prohibited items to remove from your purchase, and your parcel was returned after being inspected for export from Japan, or at the time of import to your country due to presence of prohibited items in it, we will not be able to receive the parcel back and it will be disposed by Japan Post or by the transportation company.

What can be purchased?

Anything except for prohibited things. Millions of items.

Is it possible to buy items containing lithium batteries? #

Digital appliances containing lithium batteries, for example, digital cameras and mobile phones, can be shipped by Japan Post if the battery is placed inside the digital appliance which will require repackaging for a fee. One parcel must contain not more than two items with lithium batteries. During repackaging all other batteries for digital appliances including external batteries for video cameras, batteries for battery blocks and batteries for battery pens, will be removed from parcel and disposed of.

All other battery containing non digital appliances can be shipped if batteries are removed from them. Battery removal service of this kind is included into repackagin price and is provided upon request. Battery must be easily removable, by hands only without usage of special instruments. Lithium batteries in chargers can not be shipped and are disposed of upon request.

There are no such restrictions for NiMH batteries, which can be shipped separately without any restrictions.

Why your bank transfer fee is not fixed and is different each time unlike with other sellers?

We don't set bank transfer fee lower or higher than that of actual bank transfer fee. So you never pay for someone else in cases when, for example, the actual fee was higher than the stated one.

On the other hand, you pay exactly the same fee that we have paid for making money transfer, even if this fee is higher than other agents` averaged transfer fee. We think that on average you will pay less for bank transfer when you buy from us than when you buy from other famous agents. If we have to pay the fee twice for some reason, you would bear it too.

What are you not responsible for?

We are not responsible for quality of package made by any seller. If you order an expensive item and want to make sure it is delivered safely, we recommend you to use our repackaging service. Generally speaking, repackaging is not required. In most cases we can ship your item as it is.

We are not responsible for conformity of product descriptions with actual products supplied by the seller to you. In 95% of cases there are no essential differences between auction photo of an item and the actually received item, but if such differences are found, they may be regarded as an inevitable risk you face when buying something at an auction from a private person. Therefore, in 5% of cases received item significantly differs from the description. In such cases no refund is given. If this condition is not suitable for you, please address another agency.

We are not responsible for conformity of your expectations and requirements with the products you purchased. Returns of purchased items are not allowed under any conditions.

We are not responsible for any customs duties which may be imposed on you by your country customs. We are not responsible for import restrictions that are in force in your country and also we don't provide you with any additional documents (certificates etc.) for your country's customs, other than the documents which are already enclosed to your parcel. You have to check by yourself if items you are going to purchase can be imported to your country by postal service you have chosen. If you refuse to pay customs duties and parcel is returned for any reason, goods are disposed by transportation company and money is not refunded to you.

We are also not responsible for the amount of customs duties and fees imposed on you at the time of import of purchased items to Japan, for example from China. In this case the sum of all duties paid is added to the bill for purchased items.

We are not responsible for quality of DoCoMO SIM unlock service, because DoCoMo does not provide any guarantees for this type of works. There were cases when an unlocked mobile phone didn't work with SIM card of other operator.

We are not responsible for delivery speed of international parcels and quality of post office and courier services

We are not responsible for any consequences of actions or inactions of third parties.

Can you unlock a DoCoMo mobile phone? #

SIM unlock of DoCoMo mobile phones costs 9980 JPY. This price includes SIM unlock fee, transportation of mobile phone from warehouse to office and back, manager's work and other necessary expenses.

Please note that we don't install any programs on mobile phones, don't provide technical support, warranty support or any other support for mobile phones or any other appliances that are purchased at an auction via us, because we charge no agency fees.

If you want to purchase a DoCoMo mobile phone unlocked by seller, we recommend to check if it can be unlocked by checking its serial number on DoCoMo special page.

Do you have an internal auction and what is it?

Yes, we have an internal auction system. If our client has already placed a bid for some item, you can place your bid at a higher price. Then an internal auction will start. Difference between price on our website and price on the original aution site will be for benefit of our company. At the time of internal auction minimum bid rate on the original auction website is not fully taken into consideration, so in some cases you can win a bid at a price lower, than that of purchase without internal auction.

Important difference of our internal auction system from systems of other agents is absence of automatic extension which means that if an auction ends on the original website, it ends on our website, too. All bids are always transferred to auction before it ends, and this is one of the reasons for you to be sure that you could not have taken the lot cheaper even if you had placed your bid via other agency.

Do you offer postal insurance and what to do with customs duties? #

Your purchases must be always full covered by postal insurance. This is required by PayPal and other major electronic payment systems.

We offer two kinds of insurance for parcels:

1. Japan Post insurance, that costs 50 JPY per each 20000 JPY staring from the first 20000 JPY value of your parcel. This type of insurance implies that insurance refund amount can not be higher than the declared parcel value, so if you want to use this relatively cheap insurance, we have to declare an actual sum of purchase-related costs and expenses.

2. Our partner insurance company's insurance, that costs 3570 JPY for parcels, actual value of which is less than 750000 JPY and 0.5% of actual value of more expensive parcels. This insurance covers total actual value of goods regardless of the sum indicated in declaration, so it is suitable for cases when you want to make payment for your purchase via PayPal and at the same time indicate a lower price in declaration. This insurance requires repackaging.

If you make payment via wire transfer to our settlement account, upon request we can indicate any assessed value of the parcel. You can pay for your purchased goods via bank transfer and pay the rest of the sum for shipment via PayPal or electronic money.

Name of addressee can be changed to any other name starting from the second parcel, and you have to ask our manager to do so before the parcel is assembled.

In order to get insurance reimbursement you need to give us copies of a documents proving damage to your parcel from the postal administration of your country. No reimbursement can be made without these documents.

Do you offer line of credit to your regular customers?

We offer line of credit options to companies participating in our partnership program.

We don't offer line of credit option to private persons. If your account is in arrears, the non-payment of them will cost 1% of the amount of the arrears per every additional day starting two weeks after the arrears occurred.

Is it possible to withdraw funds from my account?

Yes, it is possible. In case the account top up was made via PayPal, unused money can be withdrawn without additional fees within 60 days after the transfer has been made. These are PayPal rules. Amount of money withdrawn via PayPal is limited to amount of payments made.

In all other cases money is refunded to your bank account via SWIFT-transfer. As this has to be made via a bank operator, a 1000 JPY processing fee for transfer of unused money is charged in addition to any other possible bank fees.

For how long time can I collect purchases to form my parcel?

Maximum storage period of purchased goods at our warehouse is 60 calendar days. After termination of this period goods may be disposed of any time without prior notification in order to create space in the warehouse. In this case no refund of payment is made. We don't charge for storage of goods.

What if I like the zero agency fee, but I don't like other conditions?

Please address other agencies. Thank you very much for reading this far.

Is it possible to save on shipping of items purchased from one seller? #

No, we can't do this for you for several reasons.

First, tens and hundreds of items are delivered to our warehouse every day, so we simply can't open every single box to check what is inside in order to tell you that this and that item has been delivered.

Secondly, our communication with seller as well as all payments are made automatically by our expert system. In such conditions we are unable to pay for all purchases at once or request something from a seller, except cases when a seller asks us about something back.

Automation of all these routine works allows us to charge zero agency fee.

How fast do you ship goods and do the packaging? #

As we don't charge you any agency fees and get discounts from express delivery companies, we are interested in processing orders and make shipments as soon as possible at all stages. For the time being our processing time is set as follows:

  1. Payment for goods to seller: within two working days
  2. Receiving of goods at our warehouse: within two working days excluding the day of delivery of goods to our warehouse.
  3. Photo of seller's package: within two working days
  4. Waiting time before formation of parcel starts: depends on actual queue at warehouse
  5. Packing of parcel: within two working days
  6. Shipment of paid parcel: within two working days except the day of payment.
  7. Shipment notification with parcel tracking number: within 12 hours after the parcel is collected by courier.

Please note that sometimes it is not possible to adhere to the above deadlines, because we work without agency fee and our profit margins are quite small, so we sometimes can't expand our warehouse capacities swiftly.

The above deadlines don't include holidays, when banks and post offices are closed, and period of planned work breaks and operational checks which are announced in our news. If you find out that the deadlines were not observed, please contact your manager to resolve any issues as soon as possible.

80% of all orders are sent by sellers within 3 calendar days and 80% of orders are delivered to our warehouse within 6 calendar days. If a shipping notification was not sent to you within five days since payment, please contact your manager about this problem, so that it could be resolved in timely manner.

Approximately one out of 100 items (1%) sent to our warehouse by regular post or without delivery insurance, is not delivered to our warehouse. If you want to make sure that your purchase is delivered to our warehouse, please choose a courier delivery service.

Approximately one out of 1000 items (0.1%) is not sent by seller at all. This is an inevitable risk you face when you buy items at an auction from a private person. If you absolutely do not want this to happen, please refrain from placing any bids.

Can I refuse the bid I have won?

Yes, but only if the seller agrees. The amount of fine for refusing a bid is 5000 JPY and 20% of bid price plus all expenses, related to refusing of the bid. If you refuse a bid, additional services fee is not refunded. You can refuse a bid only before it is shipped by the seller and also before payment to the seller is made.

Can I return my purchases and get a refund?

We don't offer returns of goods and products for any reasons. All purchases are final and non-refundable. If this is important for you, please refrain from bidding.

What should I do if I am not satisfied with the quality of services provided for zero agency fee?

You have to contact your manager. As our agency fee is zero yen and 0%, all possible problems must be solved in a peaceful manner by means of negotiations, without any third parties. Zero agency fee purchases are possible only and only when this rule is observed.

Can my purchased items be delivered to a Japanese address? #

We can only ship parcels to addresses abroad.

I have never bought anything at a Japanese auction. Can you help me?

Our clients are the people who know how an auction works, who understand all the small but significant details of a purchase process at an auction, and know what they need. If you have never made any purchases at an auction, we recommend that you address other agents for making the first purchase, and come back to us after you familiarize yourself with the auction process and what you get from it.

What else do I have to know before placing a bid?

If you are not sure about the final price or quality of auction items, if you are not sure whether an item can be purchased and shipped, or if you have any other doubts... Please don't place bids on our website. Thus you will save, first of all, your own energy, money, and time. We're open about this because we're here to help you, not just take your money and run away.

Think twice, choose wisely, bid clever, and be happy!