Afflilate programm

The affiliate program allows you to get bonuses for each parcel sent by clients invited by you.

Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

A referral fee is credited for each parcel shipped by a referral. For the first parcel shipped by each referral, you will be credited a ¥500 bonus. You will receive a ¥100 bonus for each following parcel shipped by the same referral.

The payment of bonuses is not limited in time. This means that after inviting a referral you will receive bonuses for all his/her parcels shipped over the whole period our affiliate program remains valid.

How does our partner program work?

  1. ВYou send your friend a link to
  2. Your friend registers on our website.
  3. Makes a purchase using our site.
  4. Ships a parcel with the purchase.
  5. After your friend ships their parcel, a referral fee is credited to your account.

Where can I get a referral link?

You can get a referral link in your personal account, in the "Affiliate program" section.

On that same page you will see the number of your invited referrals and the number of parcels shipped by them.

How can I spend my referral bonuses?

Referral bonuses are credited to your account balance on our website and can be spent on buying any goods or paying for any services provided by our company.